The Geared Life

We at The Geared Life have several purposes in mind as we give birth to this collaboration.

The first, and most important, is to teach. The world is broken due to a severe lack of knowledge and we are here to change that. We believe that many simple truths that are fundamental to us as humans have been both forgotten and disillusioned.

The second is to entertain. We like to expose the peculiarities of human behavior and analyze them so that we can get to know ourselves better. Not only do we want to educate the people about everything from science and technology to controversial politics, but we want to educate people about laughter.

We hope that our writing will inspire you in as many ways as possible as much or more than we wish for our own success.

The beginning is near.



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  1. Linda says

    Marvellous!!!! Boss ass writing style 🙂 LOVE it!