‘Brain Food’

Cannabis as a Psychological Utility

Just like everything we do, from eating to exercising to masturbating, indulging in cannabis is a way to alter your state of consciousness. While it gets a lot of bad rap for being “addictive” and causing “withdrawal symptoms,” you can run into those same problems drinking coffee, eating cheeseburgers, or running half marathons. The problem with the… Read More

Is the Future Predetermined?

The age old philosophical question about destiny still remains unanswered: as humans, do we really, freely make our own choices? Is there such a thing as fate? While we’ll likely never truly know the answer to these questions, it’s interesting to speculate justifications for applicable theories. One interesting thought process is very much intertwined with… Read More

Racism: From the Perspective of an Outerspace Alien

Race is always a tricky topic because people are so sensitive damn about it, but it’s something that’s inherently broken about our culture–so it’s TGL’s duty to address it. Racial stereotyping is a human-created and human-sustained issue that really only still exists for two fundamental reasons: 1) the real, old racists haven’t died yet (hurry… Read More

An Alternative to Religion

We asked our followers on Facebook what they wanted us to write about next; and our most interesting request? Hey TGL, what are your views on religion? If you’ve been following TGL since its launch two weeks ago, its probably apparent by now that most of us here are scientists. The goggles, gloves, and white… Read More

Terminology Explained: Love

What is love? A question we’ve often spent hours at a time trying to figure out. Love, perhaps the most abstract of all emotions, is by far the most poorly defined. People (men) throw the term around loosely because of its inherent power (luring women), but are yet to really understand what it means (inevitable backlash) to say it. Fear,… Read More

Hemp: The Miracle Plant

For most people, myself included, hearing the word “hemp” makes us think marijuana. Or in other words, as the great Snoop Dogg articulates, “that real sticky icky icky.” While most also know that the drug marijuana comes from a plant called cannabis, the same people don’t know much about the plant itself. If I were to ask… Read More

Smart Water is Free Water

After a few recent arguments on the topic of bottled water with some feeble-minded peons, I’ve come to the conclusion that people are severely uneducated about drinkable water in the US. So, my goal for this post is to give you a few reasons to stop buying bottled water. No bullshit, let’s get started: 1)… Read More

The ADHD “Epidemic”

According to the most recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics, 11% of all children ages 4-17 in the United States have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 1 out of every 10 children has been deemed to have a mental disorder! What on earth is going on with our children?  Some would… Read More