‘Science & Technology’

Is the Future Predetermined?

The age old philosophical question about destiny still remains unanswered: as humans, do we really, freely make our own choices? Is there such a thing as fate? While we’ll likely never truly know the answer to these questions, it’s interesting to speculate justifications for applicable theories. One interesting thought process is very much intertwined with… Read More

Mola Mola: Boss Ass Fish

Not to be mistaken with Boss Ass Bitch, the Mola Mola is TGL’s Boss Ass Fish. Also known as the Ocean Sunfish, this bad motherfucker is the true big-spending king of the ocean. This title often gets unjustifiably given to the “great” blue whale, but everyone knows that all they do is moan and eat… Read More

Elon Musk and the Hyperloop

Humans have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things in the last 100 or 200 years. Along with creating the masterful 12-inch burrito, we’ve also figured out how to traverse incredible distances in short periods of time. You might not even think twice about hopping on an airplane and cruising half way around the… Read More