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Elon Musk and the Hyperloop

Humans have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things in the last 100 or 200 years. Along with creating the masterful 12-inch burrito, we’ve also figured out how to traverse incredible distances in short periods of time. You might not even think twice about hopping on an airplane and cruising half way around the… Read More

An Alternative to Religion

We asked our followers on Facebook what they wanted us to write about next; and our most interesting request? Hey TGL, what are your views on religion? If you’ve been following TGL since its launch two weeks ago, its probably apparent by now that most of us here are scientists. The goggles, gloves, and white… Read More

Terminology Explained: Love

What is love? A question we’ve often spent hours at a time trying to figure out. Love, perhaps the most abstract of all emotions, is by far the most poorly defined. People (men) throw the term around loosely because of its inherent power (luring women), but are yet to really understand what it means (inevitable backlash) to say it. Fear,… Read More

Hemp: The Miracle Plant

For most people, myself included, hearing the word “hemp” makes us think marijuana. Or in other words, as the great Snoop Dogg articulates, “that real sticky icky icky.” While most also know that the drug marijuana comes from a plant called cannabis, the same people don’t know much about the plant itself. If I were to ask… Read More