An Alternative to Religion

We asked our followers on Facebook what they wanted us to write about next; and our most interesting request? Hey TGL, what are your views on religion?


If you’ve been following TGL since its launch two weeks ago, its probably apparent by now that most of us here are scientists. The goggles, gloves, and white coats kind of scientists. So as expected, we are a bit skeptical when it comes to religion. We’re also a bit skeptical when it comes to talking about religion, because here at TGL we don’t like to form decisive opinions on things we aren’t certain about (what a crazy philosophy right?).

To give some relevant background about my religious upbringing: I was raised in a household with a very unique stance on religion. My parents told me at a very young age that they would let me “try out” any religion I wanted, and that I could pick which one I wanted to follow. A very interestingly liberal idea for rather conservative people. Anyhow, I learned a lot about the world’s many religions because of this and have come to quite an intriguing point in the development of my spiritual mindset. But before I explain my most current set of beliefs, I would like to make a few comments about current popular organized religions. To do this I must first start with a simple question:

Do you believe that your God, is the only God, the one true God?





Whoa! Except for the people that believe in the whole “deity VIP club” where its totally cool to have six arms to drink six times as fast (that would be called sextuple fisting), everyone believes that there’s only one God. Wow, that is a mind blowing concept. I apologize to the Buddhists for ignoring them on that generalization, but seeing as Buddhists don’t really have Gods, I don’t think they’ll be too offended. Now although I refuse to make judgments about anyone’s religion, I am awfully disturbed at the violent disagreements and conflicts that occur between religious groups. Millions of people have died due to some kind of conflict of religion. If everyone believes there is only one true God (an incredibly unifying belief I must say), then everyone believes in the same God, right? Shit, mind blown again.

Let’s assume that there is only one true God. One of three possibilities can occur:
1) every religion is wrong
2) every religion is right
3) one group is right and everyone else is wrong

We can rule out option 2 because this isn’t YMCA youth basketball camp where everyone’s a winner (except the parents who are busy gouging their eyeballs out in the bleachers). Option 1 doesn’t work out with me either because saying everyone is wrong is an unnecessarily bold statement that I’m not willing to make. Now we’re left with option 3. This is the problem. Everyone thinks it’s option 3. Everyone believes that there must be a correct answer. This simple perspective on religion is the fundamental reason why religion may be a problematic thing. Because of this, I would like to propose another option.

Option 4: nobody knows who’s right. Wow TGL, that is a really pussy, bullshit answer. I’m sorry but look, I’m not going to sit up on my throne of intellectual superiority and preach that one religion is more correct than another. For all I know Zeus is up on Mount Olympus playing thunderbolt darts while having a threesome with Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba (you coy bastard Zeus). And as much as I would like to, I am not ruling that out as a possibility. Consider this: we are on a rock spinning at thousands of miles an hour while we revolve around a giant flaming ball of gas. The bottom line? Nobody fucking knows.

While everyone in the world will seemingly never agree on which religion is “right,” it it critical for us to be open minded to the beliefs of others–such that in the case we are proven wrong, we don’t look like assholes. What I’m basically saying that is we have to be skeptical of our own beliefs. Unfortunately for all practical purposes, this is an impossible request–exactly why I’m not the biggest fan of religion. Because religions are based on faith–and faith is the strongest manifestation of intuition–religions have the power to carry passionate but conflicting ideas. And when passion meets conflict, bad things happen.

Now to finally get to my own spirituality, I would say that I believe that God is energy. Not exactly a revolutionary idea, but if you connect the dots, its a pretty convincing connection. Think about what your definition of God is, then think about what energy is. Energy is omnipresent, and can take any form–including matter. But as beautiful as energy is, it is also intangible, indescribable, and all-powerful. It is the flow of everything that has ever existed and everything that will ever exist. But what is energy? How do we physically describe energy? Energy is the most simple but also most complex thing at the same time. The enigma that is energy is what I would consider to be God.

Always fair and always there. Energy exceeds being #geared.

P.S. I realize that the Microsoft Word green squiggly lines got caught in the speech bubbles of the pictures. I refuse to fix them, it took me way too long to figure out how to make speech bubbles. Fuck you.



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