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Cannabis as a Psychological Utility

Just like everything we do, from eating to exercising to masturbating, indulging in cannabis is a way to alter your state of consciousness. While it gets a lot of bad rap for being “addictive” and causing “withdrawal symptoms,” you can run into those same problems drinking coffee, eating cheeseburgers, or running half marathons. The problem with the… Read More

10 Ways to Spot a Hoodrat

The term Hoodrat, made popular by the fat Hoodrat YouTube sensation kid, is one of my dear favorites. Hoodrats are a species that can be found everywhere (contrary to the popular belief that Hoodrats only reside in the ‘hood) and they hide in plain sight. Hoodratism can be as subtle as a quick upward head-nod, but… Read More

10 Ways to Spot a Meathead

Meatheads are an everlasting breed of humans; their culture permeates deep into our society. They are difficult to ignore and even more difficult to avoid. Meatheads are everywhere. The first important thing to note about Meatheads is that they consist of both men and women; however Meatheads of the latter class are somewhat of a… Read More

Is the Future Predetermined?

The age old philosophical question about destiny still remains unanswered: as humans, do we really, freely make our own choices? Is there such a thing as fate? While we’ll likely never truly know the answer to these questions, it’s interesting to speculate justifications for applicable theories. One interesting thought process is very much intertwined with… Read More

Racism: From the Perspective of an Outerspace Alien

Race is always a tricky topic because people are so sensitive damn about it, but it’s something that’s inherently broken about our culture–so it’s TGL’s duty to address it. Racial stereotyping is a human-created and human-sustained issue that really only still exists for two fundamental reasons: 1) the real, old racists haven’t died yet (hurry… Read More

Mola Mola: Boss Ass Fish

Not to be mistaken with Boss Ass Bitch, the Mola Mola is TGL’s Boss Ass Fish. Also known as the Ocean Sunfish, this bad motherfucker is the true big-spending king of the ocean. This title often gets unjustifiably given to the “great” blue whale, but everyone knows that all they do is moan and eat… Read More

TGL Big Board: Top 10 Snacks

Despite our understanding of the dangers of chronic consumption of sugary or grain-based foods and their ability to influence your body’s hormonal status, we’re guilty of running train on unhealthy snacks from time to time. Because we try to minimize the number of these snack-crushing occasions, we’ve become experts in the choosing the best possible… Read More